Monday, February 13, 2012

Frost & Fun

I can't remember another Minnesota winter where there was less snow.  Back in November I filled up the gas can thinking that it'd probably be a matter of days before I'd have to fire up the snowblower & I wanted to be prepared & not have to run out to get gas.  That gas can still sits completely full in my garage.  Then, we waited until the week before Christmas to get our Christmas card pictures taken because we wanted them done in the snow...when I finally took some shots of Grady, there still wasn't a flake of snow around.  Now, I'm not complaining at all - I'll be the first to admit that I don't like winter & I don't like the cold, so this winter has been fantastic...although it would have been nice to have a white Christmas & Grady has been dying to build a snowman.  Last weekend there was finally a little bit of accumulation on the ground, but more importantly, everything was covered in a thick layer of frost when we woke up!  Grady & I quickly got dressed & walked over to the park to play & let the dog run.  It was beautiful!

I'm glad we got a little taste of I'm ready for spring!
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