Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zig Zag quilt update

I finished the front of the quilt this week - woohoo!  I was a little worried about how it was all going to piece together, but everything actually lined up quite well!  I think it's a tad longer on the right side, but I don't think it's real noticeable...and you surely won't be able to tell when it's on a bed.

Next up, figuring out what the heck I'm going to do for the back of it, getting some batting, quilting the thing, and finally binding it.  Not sure what I'm doing at all, but how bad can it be, right?  (Famous last words...)

Update: Here's the finished quilt!


  1. I'm brand new to your blog (followed for Bower Power Pinterest Challenge) and wondered if you could put up a template for this. Or maybe just note the sizes of your triangles. I just enlisted my mom to make me a chevron quilt and this looks like the most my style and easiest to do. I love it to say the least and just got very excited when I saw this!!

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by! I don't have a template for the quilt, I just sort of "winged it"...haha! It was super easy though...I measured out and cut 8" squares, then drew a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite and used that line to cut the squares in half into triangles.

      That being said, I think there are "standard" sizes for quilts (which I didn't care about), so you might want to have your mom figure out your overall dimensions and figure out your square widths based on that. You could really make them any size!

      Good luck!

    2. Thank you! I might have rainy weekend project ahead of me now!
      I love your blog, glad I popped over to check it out! Good luck with the attic work :)


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