Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two Things...

We had Grady's 5th birthday party at our house this weekend & it looked like rain was in the forecast...resulting in us scrambling to get the attic floor painted (& dry enough to handle 11 kids) in a matter of two nights.  Plus get all of the tools, furniture, & misc stuff cleared out of the space, as well as hang curtains.  Spoiler: we did it!  (Somehow)

I'll post about Grady's party later.  For right now I'll share a few snaps of the attic in all of it's empty glory!  Here's a view of the landing area from inside the bedroom.  The area to the left of the stairs will be my office, the bunk/reading nook is on the right.

Here's a view of the bedroom from the exact spot I took the previous picture from (just rotated 180 around).

And here's a shot of what it looks like looking back toward the stairs from the opposite side of the bedroom.

The floor color is called "Linen" by Eddie Bauer.  I had it color-matched at Menards in Dutch Boy's Porch & Floor paint.  It's a little bit cooler on the floor than on the paint chip, but I really like it...a LOT.

Second thing...

The stairs up to the attic are steep...& when they built the house in 1945, they put a door literally AT the bottom step.  That means the height of the opening was really short.  I had to duck at 5'9...& there's NO WAY we were going to be able to get a queen box spring through that doorway.  Sooo...out it goes!

Here's what we started with...I took the door off a few weeks ago.

I tore off all of the old trim, & dad brought his Sawzall over to cut out the door frame as well as some of the wall above the door...

 ...and a couple of studs.  Until we were left with over a foot more headspace!  You wouldn't believe how much more light comes down the stairwell either.  Bonus!

Just so you can get an idea of how much head room was gained, I photoshopped my Sawzall wielding dad into the before & after picture...to scale.  Hopefully we'll get the raw edges finished off this week!

(I just hope after all of that I can get my box spring up there...)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A (very) quick attic update...

We've been busy with birthdays, spring cleaning, & general summer fun in the past couple weeks as the weather has been beautiful.  FINALLY!

In between all of that, I've squeezed in a little bit of work on the attic.  Thought I'd share a few quick snaps of the progress!

I added some white pom trim to the bunk curtains.  Love it.  Can't ever go wrong with pom poms.  (Well...pom pom trim anyway.)

Dad working hard hanging up the stair rails.  $20 on Craig's List...a lot of elbow grease...& the satisfaction of reusing something that would have ended up in a landfill.  (The railings are spray-primed in the picture below.  Mom & I spent the better part of the weekend brushing them by hand.  Not a fun task.)

Almost done painting in this picture.  Black posts & horizontal rails, white spindles.

Finished stair rails & old wood floor.

And last but not least...the icing on the cake...I started painting the floor late last night!  I'm in LOVE.  My office will soon be set up in that little nook.  Can. Hardly. Wait.

That's it for now!  I'll try to post some non-iphone shots later this week, but we've got a big 5th birthday party at our house this weekend that I'm busy prepping for, so I can't make any promises!

Thanks for hanging in there for this massive attic project.  It's taken us waaaaaaay longer than I ever expected...but I also love the space way more than I anticipated...so I suppose it's all worth it in the end!

Still on the list:
  • Finish painting the floor
  • Finish closets
  • Under eave storage doors
  • Knock out stairwell doorway & repair
  • Random odds & ends

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