Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two Things...

We had Grady's 5th birthday party at our house this weekend & it looked like rain was in the forecast...resulting in us scrambling to get the attic floor painted (& dry enough to handle 11 kids) in a matter of two nights.  Plus get all of the tools, furniture, & misc stuff cleared out of the space, as well as hang curtains.  Spoiler: we did it!  (Somehow)

I'll post about Grady's party later.  For right now I'll share a few snaps of the attic in all of it's empty glory!  Here's a view of the landing area from inside the bedroom.  The area to the left of the stairs will be my office, the bunk/reading nook is on the right.

Here's a view of the bedroom from the exact spot I took the previous picture from (just rotated 180 around).

And here's a shot of what it looks like looking back toward the stairs from the opposite side of the bedroom.

The floor color is called "Linen" by Eddie Bauer.  I had it color-matched at Menards in Dutch Boy's Porch & Floor paint.  It's a little bit cooler on the floor than on the paint chip, but I really like it...a LOT.

Second thing...

The stairs up to the attic are steep...& when they built the house in 1945, they put a door literally AT the bottom step.  That means the height of the opening was really short.  I had to duck at 5'9...& there's NO WAY we were going to be able to get a queen box spring through that doorway.  Sooo...out it goes!

Here's what we started with...I took the door off a few weeks ago.

I tore off all of the old trim, & dad brought his Sawzall over to cut out the door frame as well as some of the wall above the door...

 ...and a couple of studs.  Until we were left with over a foot more headspace!  You wouldn't believe how much more light comes down the stairwell either.  Bonus!

Just so you can get an idea of how much head room was gained, I photoshopped my Sawzall wielding dad into the before & after picture...to scale.  Hopefully we'll get the raw edges finished off this week!

(I just hope after all of that I can get my box spring up there...)


  1. Love how the space is turning out. Can't wait to see it decorated!

  2. It looks amazing!!! Great work!

  3. I love the floor color! FYI you can cut a box spring to move it. We watched a YouTube video about it to move our queen bed. Thanks for sharing your inspiring projects!

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  5. I'm planning on finishing out my attic too and you did such a beautiful job!. Did you paint your original floor boards in your attic? If so, how did you finish the boards prior to painting?

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