Friday, November 30, 2012

Yarn Wreath Wedding Gift

So, Eli & Grady are in the wedding of some very good friends this weekend.  I've been wanting to try my hand at making a yarn wreath with felt flowers for a while now, so I thought I'd give a "love birds" wreath a whirl!

I bought a foam wreath (I think around 12" diameter?), some heather gray yarn, & a few quarter yards of fun fabrics & got to work.  I started by wrapping the wreath tightly in yarn...I pinned the start point down & did not wrap any yarn on top of it.  I was planning on unpinning it once I got all the way around & just tying my two ends together.

yarn wreath supplies
yarn wreath
yarn wreath

Around & around I went until I had all of the foam covered with yarn.  Then, I pulled out the pins that were securing the beginning end of yarn, tied the two ends in a knot, & trimmed off the excess yarn.  Easy peasy - although it took a while to wrap the yarn all the way around!

yarn wreath

Ok, then I cut out the bird shapes in various fabrics.  (I made three of them in a couple of different sizes so I could decide later which two would work the best.)  The pattern came from Spool, & here's the link to the free pdf if you want it!

Spool's bird pattern

Sewn, stuffed, & sitting...

yarn wreath & birds

I Googled "felt flowers", read a few tutorials, & used bits & pieces of that information to create my own out of some felt scraps I had on hand from other projects.  I'd make a few flowers, pin them randomly to the wreath, & fill in until I felt like it looked right to me.

bird yarn wreath

After gluing everything down & embroidering a little banner, I ended up with this...

yarn wreath
yarn wreath
yarn wreath

Hopefully the bride & groom to be like it!  :)


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