Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trimming the Tree

This past weekend we finally put up our (big) Christmas tree.  I'm typically a day after Thanksgiving decorator, but this year we were getting a real tree & had to wait until after our family pictures on the 3rd to do it!  (I'll share those tomorrow!)

Grady was all aboard helping decorate this year.  He helped with everything from stringing up the Christmas lights to perfectly placing each little ornament.

In years past I've gone with kind of a rustic "theme"...plaid/flannel ribbon, lots of flowers and cattails, woodsy animals, & rustic wooden stars.  This year I wanted to change it up some without having to go out & buy all new ornaments.  I told Grady we could only use ornaments & flowers that were green, white, or brown.  I'm really loving how it's a little more simplistic this year!  Although my tree skirt doesn't match...maybe I'll have to make a new one this weekend....hmmm...

I made the flower pom-pom garland after reading this tutorial...it was super easy, but kind of time consuming.  I'll for sure do it again in the future though!

He's so focused!  Gotta get it in there perfectly - wonder where he gets that from?  :)

And just for reference...here's what our tree has looked like the past few years.  And yes, that is our elf on the shelf zip-lining to the tree!  (Excuse the photo quality...the photos below were taken on my iphone.)

I do still like the old tree...but I'm really loving the simple color scheme of the new one.  There's also something fun about having a real tree!  Even though I get a little sad every time I see a tree get cut down.  I also have a hard time cutting flowers out of the garden myself...I just feel like I'm hurting the plant...I know, it's silly & I'm weird.  :)


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