Friday, January 17, 2014

Attic Update #?: The fun stuff

This weekend, in the spare time between basketball games & a late Christmas celebration, we'll be finishing up the priming & painting of all the trim in the bedroom.  Cue angel voices & ringing bells!

In the last few days, dad & I finished nailing up all of the trim & door jambs in the bedroom area, have filled all of the nail holes & gaps with joint compound & caulk, primed a lot of it, & hung up the new medallion/canopy above the barn light.

My amazing mother is at my house as we speak priming trim on her day off work.  She's the best.  No, really...she's actually the best.

The wall & planks are the only areas that have their final coat of paint applied to them.  All of the trim around the window as well as the board & batten trim & baseboards are only primed & are waiting for 2+ coats of Simply White paint!

barn light

board & batten

Hopefully early next week I'll be able to post some pictures of the room completely painted (except the floor) & cleared of miscellaneous tools, paint, trash, etc.  :)

Happy weekend!


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