Monday, May 7, 2012

A 'poor man's' pergola & some porch art

Another weekend of rain - of course!  Doesn't mother nature know we're on a strict schedule with this project?!?  We had high hopes of getting the roof off and rebuilt on Saturday, but it didn't stop raining all day.  We got a few dry hours yesterday & were able to take off all of the old tin roof & a lot of the old siding, but we're not nearly as far along as we'd planned.  It sort of resembles a very primitive pergola now.  Haha.  Dad was able to take the afternoon off work today to work on it a little bit, so we'll see how far he gets by the time I'm off work.  Hopefully we can play catch-up tonight & get this project back on track!

Old cedar siding off...getting prepped to re-wire & eventually put up new siding!

Dad working on re-hanging the gutter after we took off the old tin roof.  It's so much brighter without it.

Some art I sketched out the other day to hang in the porch - I can't wait to 'decorate' it.

The list looks pretty similar to where is was last week...with a couple of unexpected additions like re-hanging the whole gutter since it was apparently just resting on the old tin roof:

  • Jack up porch.
  • Order roofing material.
  • Demo lattice & chicken wire & clean off porch.
  • Dig post holes.
  • Pour cement footers.
  • Level out the porch & get the posts put up.
  • Tear off all of the old siding.
  • Tear off the old roof.
  • Re-hang the gutter since it was resting on the old roof.
  • Frame everything out.
  • Build built-in bar.
  • Re-route cable to other side of porch.
  • Wire for the new light & outlet.
  • Hang new siding.
  • Prime & paint all framework.
  • Install new roof.
  • Paint siding.
  • Install new light & outlet.
  • Hang up screen.
  • Retrofit screen door for existing space.
  • Paint screen door.
  • Prime & paint porch floor.
  • Trim out patio door, window, and all screen panels.
  • Purchase & hang porch swing & pallet planter.
  • Build, prime, paint new steps up to porch.
  • Fill nail holes & touch up all trim work.
  • Hunt down three cool chairs & paint them.
  • Sew a few throw pillows for the porch swing.
  • Plant window boxes.
  • Mulch garden around porch.
  • Perhaps finish off bottom of porch with lattice?
26 days & counting!


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