Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Set in Ce-ment!

The four post holes (footers) are now filled with cement!  That means we can really dig in to the porch project once the weather clears up.  Darn rain!  Each day lost is making me more & more nervous that we aren't going to get it done by Grady's party on June 2nd...

As of this morning our list looks like this:
  • Jack up porch.
  • Order roofing material.
  • Demo lattice & chicken wire & clean off porch.
  • Dig post holes.
  • Pour cement footers.
  • Level out the porch & get the posts put up.
  • Tear off all of the old siding.
  • Frame everything out.
  • Build built-in bar.
  • Re-route cable to other side of porch.
  • Wire for the new light & outlet.
  • Hang new siding.
  • Prime & paint all framework.
  • Install new roof.
  • Paint siding.
  • Install new light & outlet.
  • Hang up screen.
  • Retrofit screen door for existing space.
  • Paint screen door.
  • Prime & paint porch floor.
  • Trim out patio door, window, and all screen panels.
  • Purchase & hang porch swing & pallet planter.
  • Build, prime, paint new steps up to porch.
  • Fill nail holes & touch up all trim work.
  • Hunt down three cool chairs & paint them.
  • Sew a few throw pillows for the porch swing.
  • Plant window boxes.
  • Mulch garden around porch.
  • Perhaps finish off bottom of porch with lattice?
32 days to go...yikes!

In other news, my mom was a champ & came over after she was done with work & surprised Grady & I by staining his swing set with some old deck stain that we had on hand.  The gray part on the bottom is what the whole thing looked like before.  Now I just have to figure out what we're going to do about the canopy that ripped over winter...whether I'm going to make a new fabric one or maybe put a metal or wood roof on it?

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