Monday, April 22, 2013

Mini Makeover: Yarn Wrapped Lamp Cord

Amidst some craziness this weekend (a BAT in the house - ew!), I had time for a satisfying, quick little project.  Shortly after Christmas, with some Target gift cards, I bought a cool little floor lamp for reading.  (Our living room lighting is horrible.)  I really love the light, but the cord drove me insane.  It wasn't horrible, but I really don't like seeing cords...ever.  Is that just me or are there others with cord hate out there?'s what she looked like before her makeover:

See what I mean?  It's not horrible, but not at all pretty to look at either.  :)

Enter heather gray yarn.  I just tucked the end under & wrapped the yarn around & around the cord until I reached the end.  Then I just tied it off a few times & called it good.

It's still a cord - but it's a pretty one now.

Simple things...


  1. I have this same light. I got annoyed with the light being so bright when I looked at it so I took some vellum paper and cut a circle to fit the inside of the little screws. Much better. I suppose I could've tried one of those chrome tipped light blubs too, but I like the shade on it.


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