Friday, April 26, 2013

Attic Update: French Doors & Power

My cousin Keith & his wife Megan own an awesome old home in Michigan that they're renovating.  A couple of years ago when I was there, Keith showed us a shed full of all of the old windows from the house.  They weren't able to use all of them at their place, & they couldn't find anyone to take them off their hands, so I kindly volunteered to steal a few from them.  A few months later when they came to MN, they were nice enough to haul a few our way!

A year & a half later, I know just what I'm going to use two of them for...French doors!  They'll need a little TLC before they're functional as doors, but I'm super excited about how they're going to look.  First we have to sand them down, then add some length to the bottom with some sort of inlaid panel.  After that I'll paint them.  I have a few colors in mind, but nothing set in stone yet.  (The blue they are now is even pretty!)  :)

Aren't they awesome?!   Love.

In other news, the power is on!!!  No more extension cords down to the kitchen - woohoo!

Last night dad (nailing), myself (cutting), & Grady (carrying) worked on getting everything ready for drywall.  There was one small wall we had to finish framing in Eli's closet, as well as adding "nailers" to some corners so we have a solid place to screw the drywall into.

It seems like we've been working on the attic for months & not getting anywhere.  That's not true, of course, we ARE making progress...but from here on out I think it will actually start to FEEL like it.  (Drywall going up, floors getting finished, trim, stair rails, etc.) 

This weekend the plan is to frame up the doorway (the LAST bit of framing we have to do!) & install the platform for the bunk.  Here's the rest of the list:
  • build French doors
  • new window
  • foam board on peak
  • drywall (tape, mud, prime, paint)
  • planks on end walls & bunk
  • trim & board & batten walls
  • paint & hang lights
  • tear out stair door & header & repair
  • stain floor & stairs
  • put up stair rails & paint
  • build doors to under eave storage
  • closet systems
  • hardware (French doors & storage access)


  1. They already look better at your place than at ours, and they aren't even doors yet! Glad we could contribute to your project, we will have to come see your place soon.

  2. What style are you implementing in the attic? My guess is somewhat country like, am I right? Those French doors have a rustic look that fits a country-styled room. I'm sure that the outcome of this room will be adorable!

  3. I love your plans on turning these old windows into French doors. If you could match the panel that you're adding to the its length, you should keep the blue. It reminds me of the rustic French doors you can see on the streets of Paris. I'm really excited to see how they would look once you've installed them! -Antonia Johnston @ A&B Siding & Roofing

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