Monday, February 10, 2014

Chalkboard Valentines

This weekend we hadn't quite worked up the energy to start mudding the landing area in the attic, but since Grady requested to "create" something, we decided to tackle his Valentines.  Lo & behold...the Valentine's Day message board!

We thought it'd be fun to make chalkboards by slicing up some logs and painting them up for Grady's friends.  No such luck.  We found the "perfect" logs at my parents' house, but after slicing one section off & letting it dry out, we realized that it just wasn't going to work.  So. Many. Cracks.  He sure had fun digging through the wood pile in below zero temps though.  Seriously...when will it warm up?!?  This polar vortex will be the death of me...brrr...grrr...brrr.

The remaining log did make a great stool for Grady to lounge on in the shop though, so it wasn't a total loss.  (How tall does he look here?!?)  He's not a little babe anymore, but he still melts my heart.  Take that polar vortex!

Back up plan...we cut out a bunch of ovals from a few cedar boards my dad had laying around.  They were the perfect size for an avant garde headpiece.  (We watch Project Runway too much.)

Or perhaps a necklace?

Grandpa sanded down the edges for us.  Nice & smooth...

Grady picked out a few "Valentiny" colors of craft paint, & we brushed them on the edges.

I painted one side with chalkboard paint, let it dry overnight, & had my handsome assistant "season" the chalkboard.  He's a pro...& a perfectionist...& loves helping me.  I love him.

Then I doodled around the chalkboard with some white craft paint...they needed some flair.  Does anyone else immediately think of Office Space when they hear that word?  :)


I'm obsessed with the arrows...we'll be keeping one of them!

We thought the back would be a neat place to write a little message to his friends, so we flipped them over, I left the room,  & Grady decided to surprise me by drawing some circles with a paint marker.  We collaborated with me adding some doodles to his art.  :)

Then we attached some white ribbon with thumbtacks.  Grady's friends can hang them with either side out!

The project took a lot more time than I'd normally spend on Valentines, & we probably won't do anything this elaborate again, but it was a nice way to spend a very COLD weekend indoors.

Anyone else doing fun projects indoors during this frosty winter?

Happy Valentine's Day friends!


  1. Those turned out absolutely brilliantly! I think I'm going to have to make one as a valentine for my husband.

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