Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sorry about the Silence!

I can't believe it's been close to two months since I've posted anything here!  We took a little bit of a break from working in the attic...I think dad & I were both a little burnt out after a couple of months straight of spending nearly all of our free time up there.  That, & there have also been a few family things we've been dealing with.

But...I'm back!

In the last week or so we started taping & mudding the other half (landing/bunk/office area) of the attic.  It's going a lot faster & a lot smoother than the bedroom/closet area - woohoo!

If you remember what this view looked like a week ago...

And what it looks like today...

We're a touch-up coat & final sand away from being ready to prime & paint the walls.  The ceiling has a little more work to be done.  I have high hopes of getting it all primed this weekend, but I'm on my own with Grady, so we'll see how much he lets me get done!

We're slowly inching toward the finish line...

When we first started working up here, I thought it would maybe take 4-5 months to complete.  Here we are over a year later & still chipping away at it! 

We're planning on getting all of the mudding & priming done by next weekend, the painting, trim & planks, & light hung in the following week.  After that, we'll work on the stair rails, floor, & storage areas.  Then, we'll finally be able to move in!



  1. Looking awesome! We're priming and painting this weekend... that is, if I can get the mess cleaned up. At least this isn't affecting your main living space. UGH!

    Keep up the awesome work :]

  2. It is really starting to take shape in there! I must admit, the first image looks like you have a disco ball light cast on the walls (the spackled spots). :D

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