Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trim & a "new" headboard...

I was lucky to have Good Friday off, making a long holiday weekend last week.  You know what happens on long weekends...projects!

This time it was a lot of painting, a few planks on the wall, barn light installation, & a start on trim.

Oh, & last night I kind of revamped my old upholstered headboard to fit the space & aesthetic of the attic bedroom!  But, more on that later...

Excuse the mess...we're still in a construction zone after all.  Here's a view of the landing from inside the bedroom.  (Yes, I shamelessly hung up the blinds - just couldn't wait!)

See that saw?  My grandpa gave it to me a few years ago & it weighs a million pounds.  I'm not lying.  If I had a scale that went up that high I'd prove it.  I'm waiting for it to crash through our makeshift work table & crush someone.

A close-up of the plank wall and some little details.

...and now for the sneak peek of the headboard that I mentioned earlier.  I'm not going to type up an entire post on it right now as my fingers are still raw & sore from all of those upholstery tacks.  Not easy, so worth it.  (It's not hung on the wall yet...that's just some of my bedding laying on the floor so I could see what it looked like.)  It's that patience thing again.  Could.Not.Wait.

My mental timeline says that we're supposed to accomplish the rest of the trim work on the landing this week.  We shall see!


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