Monday, March 4, 2013

Attic progress - early March

We made a little progress on the attic remodel/finishing this weekend.  It's such a HUGE project, so sometimes it seems like we're not getting any closer to being finished, even though we're spending quite a bit of time working on it.  I feel like once the insulation is finally ALL up, and the last remaining wall is framed up that it'll feel like we're making progress.  (Hopefully)

This past week we finished framing out the bunk, insulated under the east eave & got the foamboard insulation up under there, & are almost done sealing that off.  Once we spray a little foam in the cracks we'll be ready to fill up that storage space with junk & start working on the main areas (bedroom, closets, landing, office nook...).

Here's a little something to help a bit with understanding the layout & where certain things will go:

And for proof that we're working away, some quick photos.  :)

 Built-in bunk progress...

Almost to the end of this itchy, dusty, dirty, cramped space...thank goodness!

Done under the eaves - bring on the storage space!  We still have to tear out those old 2x4s & frame up the walls/access panels, but it's close.

Ever wonder what construction looks like to a 3.5 year old?  Grady stole my phone & I found these gems on it this morning.

...slowly but surely we're getting closer.


  1. Hi there,
    It looks super exciting! We also have an upstairs that's slanted with not a lot of space so I'm curious about your plans for a built in bed!

  2. Oh no - wish I could see your pics :( doing up our loft right now and this popped up as just what I'm looking for...

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