Friday, October 11, 2013

Attic Update 10: WINDOW!!!

Oh my gosh you guys...we FINALLY got that last attic window in.  It's been over 4 years that it's been sitting in the garage waiting for its day to shine!

After work yesterday we rented an extension ladder (dad's wasn't quite tall enough).  We started by removing the old window & storm window (5:30), framed out the new window opening (5:50), trimmed off a couple of pieces of siding that were in the way (6:15), stuck down some self-adhesive flashing, made a run back to my parents' house to rip some boards that were mis-measured, & finally slipped the window in & nailed it down (7:15).  When it was DARK.  Then we stuck some more flashing up around the window (8:00) & called her good (8:15)!  Well, until we start re-siding the house next summer.  But that's another story for another day.  Right now I'm going to enjoy the nice cross breeze I can now get through the more painted shut windows!

Here's a short timeline of crappy iphone pictures.  It was just easier than juggling my big camera.

Next step = drywall!  The plan is to get the whole ceiling hung this weekend...but a lot of that depends on if it rains tomorrow.  We don't have a covered trailer, so if it rains we don't have a way to get the sheetrock home from the lumber yard.  Let's think sunny skies!

Attic Checklist:
insulation: between rafters, loose in walls, foamboard on ceiling
frame up walls & closets
level out ceiling & jack up sagging roof
new electrical throughout attic

new window
planks in bunk & on upper portion of end walls
move vent from closet to bedroom
drywall (hang, tape, mud, sand)
build, paint, hang French doors
prime, paint (one more coat), stain, varnish steps
remove door to attic & open up
prime & paint walls & ceiling
spray, make, & hang lights
finish floors (stain, paint, just varnish?)
paint & install stair railings
paint & install baseboard trim
paint & install board & batten trim
closet systems
storage doors for under eave access


  1. Hi! New reader! I'm excited about all of the things you are doing. If all goes well, I'm going to be putting an offer on a 1970 ranch that I love. I have no idea when it still has wood paneling on the walls but that's okay, I'm ready to tackle the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!


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