Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hi-Yo, Silver!

In honor of the first day of October (seriously...how is it already October?!)...I thought I'd do a quick post about what we're planning for Grady's Halloween costume.

In case you didn't guess after the title of this post, here are some other clues:
"The masked rider"
Armie Hammer
Texas Ranger

No...not Walker Texas Ranger...although that would be hilarious...oh Chuck Norris.  Maybe next year...

Anyway, you guessed it!  This handsome dude is going to be the one & only Lone Ranger (the 2013 Disney version)!!!

Here's my annual Halloween costume mood board.  (You can see last year's Little Lumberjack board and finished costume here.)

Hello, Armie Hammer!  ;)

1. The Lone Ranger Hat for Boys @ the Disney Store (on sale now for $5.99)
2. Lone Ranger Costume Accessory Pack $19.99 for similar - I'll make ours!
3. Big Tex Holster Set @ Amazon.com $16.92
4. Assorted clothing found via Google search.

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