Monday, September 30, 2013

Attic Update 7: French Doors

Well...the French doors are up!  They still need to be sanded down a bit & primed & painted...but they're hung!

Dad came over one afternoon this weekend & we framed out the door jamb & got everything level & nailed up.  I use the term "we" loosely.  It was mostly him...I'm just there to make cuts, hold things, & hand him tools.  He does all the skilled work - ha!

Iron Man even made an appearance...he's good at fetching tools.

After the jamb was straight & level, we screwed in the hinges & hung the doors!  He asked to be in the picture.  Apparently this is how Iron Man smiles.

From inside the future master bedroom looking out onto the landing.

And from the landing looking into the future master bedroom.

Looking into the bedroom from the top of the stairs.

Don't they look awesome?!  My dad has crazy skills.  We still need to sand them down a bit so they don't rub when they shut, get some hardware on the doors (knobs & locks), & prime & paint them...but I LOVE how they're looking so far!  (I think Eli's even impressed!)


  1. Renee, I am also a midwest girl and I absolutely love following your blog. I have followed Young House Love from about the time they started and found your blog through theirs. My husband and I are also Do-It-Yourselfers and I have loved watching your attic progress. I have especially enjoyed it lately because a year ago we left our 1940's bungalow in small town Iowa to move to suburban Des Moines. Our former home had, what looks like, the exact floorplan as your attic. I created a blog site, which unfortunately, only lasted a few months but I did capture some before and afters of our attic remodel :)

    1. I just checked out your blog - the attics do look VERY similar! I loved your remodel...I'm hoping that our new space will become an oasis for us, too! The extra living space will be so nice to have... :)


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