Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Attic Update 6: Random little things...

I misplaced/lost/forgot my camera charger at my grandpa's 95th birthday party a few weeks ago.  Therefore you'll have to deal with iphone pics until my replacement charger arrives...sorry.

We're nearly to the point of hanging drywall, but there are a few small things we're doing as we wait to start on that in a few weeks.

First, we started to take out the last remaining original window in the house this weekend, but after climbing up the ladder, dad deemed it too windy to keep at it & we had to settle for just loosening things up & cutting the wood to frame the new window in.  Con = no new window...yet.  Pro = everything is prepped & ready to go for a (hopefully) smooth replacement this weekend.

(Please ignore the state of the siding on this side of the house.  Eek!  The hot south sun is killing it.  It's on the schedule to be replaced in the spring...this cannot happen soon enough.) 

Since we didn't work on the window on Sunday, I decided to sand & stain the stair treads instead.  It looks pretty scary right now...half primed & stained.  I'm keeping the faith that it'll only get better as I finish priming, painting, & finishing them.

The French Doors are also ready for paint!  I bought the hinges & dad put them on the doors yesterday.  I also bought a couple of 1940's glass doorknobs on Etsy for a steal - $12 for two sets with back plates!  I'm planning on spraying the back plates ORB to match the new hinges.  Right now I'm leaning toward painting the door yellow to coordinate with the yellow stained glass in the corners.  That could change though.  I'm always changing my mind - ha!

I think that's all I've got for you on the attic.  Hopefully after this weekend we'll have a new window, primed doors, & be one step farther along on the stairs.  It's always good to dream big, right?! :)

Attic Checklist:
insulation: between rafters, loose in walls, foamboard on ceiling
frame up walls & closets
level out ceiling & jack up sagging roof
new electrical throughout attic
new window
planks in bunk & on upper portion of end walls
move vent from closet to bedroom
drywall (hang, tape, mud, sand)
build, paint, hang French doors
prime, paint, stain, varnish steps
remove door to attic & open up
prime & paint walls & ceiling
spray, make, & hang lights
finish floors (stain, paint, just varnish?)
paint & install stair railings
paint & install baseboard trim
paint & install board & batten trim
closet systems
storage doors for under eave access

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