Thursday, September 5, 2013

Attic Update - allllllmost ready to rock {sheetrock that is}

After taking much of the summer off from the attic project, we're back at it!

Dad & I have been working on finishing up the foam board insulation (1 small piece left), & making sure we have all of our "nailers" in place so we have something to screw the sheetrock into.  It's exciting stuff!

We also purchased all of the plank paneling we'll need for the end walls & bunk nook.  (Can't wait!)

View from the top of the stairs looking toward the bedroom.  Office area will be on the right of the stairs, bunk on the left, with French doors leading into the bedroom and closets on either side.  (Ignore the tools scattered around!)

View from inside the bedroom toward the stairs...we're going to leave the chimney exposed.

This corner will be my office...

and this is the space that we'll build in a twin bed with the walls & ceiling in white planks.  (Grady says it's his room & that he'll use his old bedroom just for naps...haha!)

Oooh!  And the most exciting is almost done rebuilding the French know, made from my cousins, Keith & Megan's old windows!  He just put the glass back in & they're just about ready to paint!  I'll post more about how he refurbished them once they're painted & up!  (PS, I would have loved to keep the old blue paint, but we would have had to match the paint & the distressing on the new bottom panel & it just wouldn't have been possible.  My dad ran the whole window frame through the planer to get a nice, smooth surface to prime & paint.)

Next on the list:
Put in that last new window
Get sheetrock up (ceiling first)
Work on painting/staining the stairs
Nail the planks up in the bunk

Sometime later this fall/winter:
Sand, prime, paint ceiling & walls
Hang light fixtures
Finish floors
Hang French doors
Trim out everything
Build storage access doors
Paint & put up new stair rails
Closet systems

After taking whole the summer off, I'm crossing my fingers that we can finish, or get close to finishing by Christmas.  Wish me (us) luck!!!


  1. Good luck! Everything is looking AWESOME!

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