Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Attic Update #5: Bunk Nook = complete!

I(we) checked another item off the attic list this weekend!

The inside of the bunk nook is finished.  My arms are still burning & neck is still sore from caulking & painting all weekend, but it's so cute & cozy, & it was so worth it!

Friday night & Saturday were spent nailing up all of the pine planking.  It was a little tedious, but dad & I had a good system going with me cutting & him measuring & nailing the planks up.

On Sunday morning I dug out my trusty tube of fast-drying, paintable caulk & got to work filling in all of the nail holes, gaps, & knotholes.

I finally picked all of the caulk out from under my fingernails today.

Then, my trusty helper worked ahead of me painting all of the seams.  He lasted about 15 minutes, but that's ok...he's 4.  He told me that grandpa is a builder, because he builds all of the time, & me, grandma, & him are the painters...but someday he wants to be a builder like grandpa.  :)

On the left is pre-paint & on the right after one coat of primer/paint in one.

After two coats of paint & looking fine!  (That gap in the top right bothers me...I'll have to get the caulk out again to fill that in.)  The header in the top right will be trimmed out after we finish the sheetrock in the rest of the attic.  I think that crisp white paneling is probably one of my most favorite things...in the entire world.

He's 4 going on 18, I swear.  He grabbed the switch plate & hung it back up without me even asking.  He's an old pro at this painting thing.  Such a sweetie.

Looks pretty good until you pan out & see the chaos surrounding the bunk!  Ha!

I couldn't resist throwing some random bedding in there this morning...just to see what it could look like in a few months when we're hopefully at the end of the remodel.

I think it'll be magical for night-time storytelling.  I can't wait!

Random side note...just so I can look back & remember...a few months ago we jokingly told Grady this (the bunk) was going to be his new room.  Yesterday he said to me, "But mom...where is my closet going to be?".  Hehe.


  1. If this is just a glimpse into the rest of the space, it is going to be AMAZEBALLS!

    1. I hope it turns out as I imagine it! See you in a week!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness - this looks so great already! I love this space!

    1. Thanks!!! I can't wait for it to be done so we can enjoy the extra space! We're outgrowing the rest of the house the older Grady gets! :)


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