Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Lumberjack

After tossing around a few ideas for Grady's Halloween costume this year, I finally committed to my original idea...a lumberjack!  Update: here are some pics of the costume on Halloween night!

Soon, this little long-haired dude...

...will button up the flannel, snap on his suspenders, "grow" a beard, grab his axe, & set off into the forest (err...Elm, Cedar, & Douglas Streets) on his quest for candy.  I cannot wait to put this costume together!

  1.  Play Axe from Party City
  2. "Beard" hat - numerous vendors on Etsy...(I'm having a friend make mine).
  3. Suspenders - borrowing from a friend, but she found them on Amazon.
  4. Jeans - we'll just use something he already has.
  5. Flannel shirt from Herbergers
  6. Boys' Mappe Winter Boots at Walmart
  7. Awesome satchel to hold all that candy - via Pinterest (we'll probably end up with a thrift store find).


  1. I can't wait! He'll be so cute!

  2. Awwww, this is just so adorable.
    Very nice post.

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