Friday, September 7, 2012

My head is in the, attic.

I've been daydreaming a lot lately about finishing off our attic (this winter?).  Our house was built in 1945 and somehow, in 67 years, none of the previous owners have touched the space.  I have mixed feelings about is a good thing because we don't have to undo anyone else's work, but not so good in the fact that in the 4 years we've lived here, we haven't been able to use the space for anything but a dumping ground (hoard?).

I've slowly been mentally filing away ideas for what I want the space to end up as...I'm thinking a happy & cheerful master bedroom with two walk-in closets, and a reading niche on the landing with plenty of shelves for my book collection.  (Don't worry...there will still be more than enough storage under the eaves.)

Without further ado, I introduce my "happy place" mood board...I can't wait to curl up with a good book...

  1. Capiz Chandelier from World Market (purchased 7 years ago).
  2. You are my sunshine original art.
  3. Exposed brick chimney...I'll mount my tv in front of this.
  4. Assorted pillows from Etsy found months ago.
  5. Dwell Studio Mandala bedding.  Pretty sure it's discontinued.
  6. Merete curtains in "bleached" by Ikea.
  7. Barometer lamp from Ikea.
  8. Custom built doors made from windows from my cousin's house.
  9. Slipcovered reading chairs.
  10. Fun accessories...antlers & Billy Balls perhaps?!
  11. Stenciled wood floor.
And finally (not for the faint of heart), a photo of the attic's current state.  Good Lord.

Is it possible to work that kind of magic this winter?!  I'm not sure, but I'm going to try...


  1. There are times when I find it difficult to make decisions, but still have to do. I know people always have emotions so that there is no justice. But I still hope.


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