Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A hole in the wall...

The first spring that we were in our house we bought new windows.  Three years later, & after last weekend, we only have one left to put in!  After installing the new window & painting & putting up the trim, I can finally call the kitchen complete.  Hopefully we'll get the last window replaced in the attic before the snow flies.  It feels good my friends!

First, dad (grandpa) set out trying to remove the old storm window that had been painted on too many times to count.  It took a little time, but the old window came out & the new one slid in pretty easily.

Grandpa's best helper couldn't stay out of the action!

Watch closely Grady...someday you'll be doing this stuff for your mom!

This is what the old trim looked like before scraping & sanding it.  A couple of hours later I finally had it smooth enough to prime & paint.  Elbow grease.

Ta-da!  A window that not only looks pretty, but (Bonus!) functions too!  I'll post pictures of the completed kitchen soon.

It's been SO nice to be able to open all of the windows now that the weather has cooled off a little...no more windows that are painted shut!  :)


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